U15 Boys

Welcome to the U15 Boys OHPC program for 2018. The OHPC are confident the participants will benefit from the OHPC U15 Program as they continue their hockey paths. The U15 Program will include an OHPC mini round robin tournament, an OHPC Fitness Combine and a nutrition and strength training seminar.

Sports Nutrition and strength seminar

As part of the U15 program all participants will sit in on a nutrition and strength training seminar geared to the hockey athlete with Motivational Speaker, Sports Nutritionist and Strength Training Pro Body Builder Patrick Hovorka.

Participants will learn 

the Do's and Don't to healthy eating.

Game day meals. 

The importance of hydration

The importance of stretching.

Strength training exercises designed to the hockey athlete.

Suppliments for a growing body

a question and answer period will follow

OHPC Fitness Combine

There are 5 events geared to push the hockey athlete. These events will test the participants 





Bench Press

Push Ups

Chin Ups

Obsticle Course with weight

Stand and Jump 

OHPC Tournament Information

3 games with a possible 4th and final OHPC U15 championship game to the top 2 teams .

2 20 minute stop time periods

2 man officials

Team dressing rooms for the day

Team information

6 Teams  consisting of:

9 Forwards

6 Defensemen

2 Goalies

The Goods

Players recieve:

Custom OHPC jersey with name and number

OHPC player wrist band

U15 OHPC player guide