Good day everyone and welcome to the OHPC.

With the inaugural 2017 U17 Boys program now in the books we begin a new chapter for 2018, but before we go there I would like to congratulate 44 young men from the U17 Boys program for signing Junior Hockey cards for the 2017/18 season. The OHPC believe we played a pivotal part in bringing those players and teams together.

The 2018 OHPC will once again run an Under 17 Boys program on Saturday, May 26th, 2018 and will expand to include an Under 20 Ladies program as well as an Under 15 Boys program. The OHPC believe with the growing interest in Ladies hockey here and abroad the U20 program is sure to receive attention.

As the OHPC tournament Director it has been my pleasure to reach out to and introduce the OHPC to Minor Hockey Associations of Ontario, Ontario Junior Hockey Organizations, Universities and Colleges in Canada and the United States with the hopes that they will share our vision and reach out to you, the minor hockey parents. 

I was once asked what hockey meant to me and why do I enjoy the game as much as I do? It was an easy question, I am a hockey dad. I couldn’t imagine not being a hockey dad. Sure, the rinks are cold, the practices are early, the games are long drives away and the kids aren’t always a joy but those are all times well spent with the kids. Long gone are the days where my wife and I had to dress our twins in their hockey equipment at home and carry them into the rink because dressing them in the arena dressing room would have been a circus.  Long gone are the days where our oldest, who, at the age of 3 sat in the middle of the ice surface screaming he can’t skate.

Hockey develops closer bonds than most other sports. Maybe it’s because hockey is the longest season, as one season finishes the next almost starts right away. Perhaps the bonds develop because hockey draws everyone into one building much like a family is drawn into a home. 

Hockey has introduced to me some of my best friends. It's been said many times that life is not a dress rehearsal, you can't  go back, only ahead.

Watch your kids play, let them see you in the stands, encourage them, feel and share their excitement. These opportunities won't last forever, it's the game of hockey that brought you and your family to the OHPC. 

We hope you enjoy your day spent with us as much as we have enjoyed bringing everyone together.

Yours respectfully,

Darren Woods